how much gold is actually in solid gold patek philippe nautilus?

Rose Gold Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 chocolate brown dial is highly coveted model from Patek philippe, one of the most prestigious brands in Swiss watch industry. Aside from it’s aesthetically pleasing design a big reason why this watch is so desirable is because it’s no longer discontinued by Patek Philippe who discontinued it in early 2022 some might say that another reason is the watch is made of solid 18K gold. Due to uncertainty in Global markets demand for Gold has been increasing more and more in the last few years but how much Gold does our Favourite Patek Philippe Nautilus chocolate contains and what percentage of it’s value can be contributed to it’s Gold content?



To calculate how much pure real gold this timepiece contains we disassembled the watch and measured every part of it. 

Modern gold watches are made of 18K Gold which is 75%

Here are the weights that we got,

Weight Of front and case back sapphire Crystal = 7 grams

The weight of the whole watch 172.5 grams – 7 grams sapphire crystal = 165.5 grams


Calculating 75% Of 165.5 grams gives us 124.4 grams of pure 24k Gold.



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