Clone Richard Mille RM055 Bubba Watson Ceramic White KV Factory



Best 1:1 Replica RM055 Bubba Watson Ceramic Super Clone


Richard Mille is the Lamborghini of watchmakers. The star-power and visual impact of this white titanium/ceramic/polymer Richard Mille RM 055 Bubba Watson clone produces the kind of fill-the-camera-phone awestruck spasms that bystanders generally reserve for supercars from Bologna. Having been endorsed and tested on the green by Gerry Lester “Bubba” Watson himself, this RM 055 Clone has game. But the 50mm lug-to-lug by 43mm wide Richard Mille RM 055 is more than a mechanical traffic hazard; it’s one heck of a fine  watch. Between its ergonomic excellence and the otherworldly aesthetic of its skeletonized PVD titanium movement, the Richard Mille KVF RM 055 Superclone epitomizes Richard Mille’s reinvention of the luxury sports watch.

While Franck Muller and Vacheron Constantin employ the tonneau case to evoke vintage elegance, Richard Mille has adopted the unconventional form as a sort of biomorphic emblem of progressive design. Both an ergonomic triumph and an aesthetic impact-player, the RM 055’s white rubber-wrapped titanium tonneau wears with the ease of a far smaller timepiece, and its “stacked” construction evokes the unsheathed frame of an aircraft, race car, or skyscraper. A white ATZ ceramic bezel and caseback sandwich the titanium core. Due to Richard Mille’s vast investment in scientific ergonomics, the RM 055 wears comfortably on a wide range of wrist sizes. The integration of case and white rubber strap visually extend the watch to permit a natural appearance on a massive wrist – an eight inch circumference is no problem – but the short actual distance between lugs (50mm) enables the super clone Richard Mille RM 055 to wear with equal panache on a wrist as small as 5.5.” With a titanium case and a robust natural vulcanized white rubber strap, this Richard Mille RM 055 can play on the east coast or west coast – and it would be an absolute *star* in Silicon Valley’s tech-rich social scene. Like the 36 year-old Bubba Watson himself, charm and youthful vigor radiate from every line of the RM 055’s complex case. But as striking as the vessel is, the contents are that much more riveting. Richard Mille’s skeletonized RMUL2 movement is the centerpiece of a sapphire transparent dial. A carbon fiber minute track encircles the hours at the flange of the case and dial. Low mass is the key to shock resistance, and the Bubba Watson’s exotic movement amounts to only 4.3 grams.

This super replica 1:1 Richard Mille RM 055 is powered by a manual wind skeleton movement with the delicate detail of a snowflake and the toughness of an iceberg. Its full-Ti base plate, bridges, and balance cock are the starting point for an ultra-rugged timekeeper with fine finish to match. The entire 28,800 VpH movement is isolated from external shocks by four elastomer dampers that remove the hard edge from blows that would induce timing error, damage, or outright failure in lesser calibers. A free-sprung balance permits exceptional timing stability in the face of shocks, and the 55-hour power reserve is ensured by twin mainspring barrels whose sole purpose is consisted torque delivery – ideal for precision. Richard Mille’s innovative elaboration of Vaucher’s base movement continues in the unique design of the variable-geometry winding rotor. While other watchmakers seek to provide a robust winding system, Richard Mille goes one step beyond and permits the user to customize the polar moment of the winding rotor via adjustable winglets. Extremely active users (e.g., Bubba Watson) can retract the winglets to limit strain on the winding system; more sedentary owners can deploy the devices to capture maximum energy for the mainsprings. Durability and efficiency are ensured by ceramic rotor bearings and unidirectional winding action. The former operates without lubricant and offers an indefinite service life; the latter provides superior winding efficiency when compared to bi-directional winders.